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Nutraceutical contract manufacturers in India

Nutraceutical contract manufacturers

Avyukta Lifecare is a leading manufacturer of nutraceutical products among all Nutraceutical Contract manufacturers in India. We are capable of manufacturing all nutraceutical products as per requirement of customer. We are using latest technology and high quality raw materials to produce qualitative and effective nutraceutical products. As a leader of this segment Avyukta lifecare is committed to providing you with your entire nutraceutical manufacturing requirement from new product development to complete order fulfilment, which include brand design, label printing and contract manufacturing. Our experienced team of pharmacists, chemists, scientists, formulators and product managers work closely with you and try to understand your requirement, your expectation and target area of product and then design your own brand and help expedite your brand to market. We are offering manufacturing facilities for the following product ranges:

• Protein Supplement
• Nutritional Tablet, Capsule, Syrup and Powder
• Meal Replacer Supplement
• Energy Drinks
• Multivitamin, Body Building & Sport Nutrition supplements

The most important feature of every product is its durable and attractive packaging. We have ability to provide smart packaging solution to ensure comfort of handling, attractiveness, safety and leakage proofing of products. Our professional design team increase marketability of products by designing and taking care of marketing needs.

Avyukta Lifecare works under quality standard of current good manufacturing practices. In order to excel your brand, we deliver both excellent service and quality products. We are truly a turnkey nutraceutical contract manufacturer in India and serving all areas of health product development and manufacturing with the help of our experienced team in the health industry. With excellent expertise in nutraceutical industry, hundreds of products formulated and brand serviced, we are confident to assist you in pursuing your branding and production goals.

Liquid Orals

Multivitamin Multimineral Syrup
Multivitamines Syrup with Lycopene
Multivitamines Syrup with L-lysin
Calcium, Vitamin D3,Magniesium, Zync Syrup
Ferrous, Ascorbate Syrup with Folic Acid
Ferrous, Gluconate Syrup with Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12
Sodium, Feredetate Syrup with Folic Acid, Vitamin B12
Fungal, Diastase with Pepsin Syrup
Multivitamin With Protein Syrup
Ferric amonium Citrate With Ginseng Syrup
Multivitamin, Multi Mineral Drop
Ferrous Gluconate Drop With Folic Acid, Vitamin B12
Fungal Diastase with pepsin Drops
Vitamin D3 Drops

Protein Powders

General Protein Supplement for all
Protein Protein Powder for Muscle Mass Gain - Chocolate Flavour
Child Nutrition similar to "Pediasure" - Chocolate Flavour
Balanced nutrition suppliment during Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
similar to "Mama's Best" - Vanilla & Cardemom Flavour
Better nutrient absorption for strong immunity and
faster recovery - vanila & mango Flavour
Diabetes Diet Management Products - Vanilla & Mango Flavour
Formula for kidney patient on dialysis hypercaloric - Vanilla & Mango Flavour
High energy moderate protein fiber designed for people with renal
impairment including dialysis - Vanilla & Mango Flavour
Protein Powder designed for Osteoporosis & Fracture Healing
Soya Protein 70% - protein powder for Renal and Immunocompromised patient
Powder for slimming
Calcium Powder
When Protein 80%
Mass gainer