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Enhancer 100% whey protein

  • - Enhancer whey protein isolate is the fast acting leading protein source. Setting New Gold Standards 120 kcal Energy, 24g Protein per 30.4g Serving.
  • - Higher protein percentage (24 g of protein, 48% Whey protein by weight). Enriched with Calcium, Sodium, Potassium and Phosphorus.
  • - Active Café Particles Mixed for Smooth and Rich taste. Rich Chocolate Flavor. Instantized to Mix Easily Using a Glass and Spoon.
  • - Manufactured in World Class International Manufacturing Standards.

Enhancer 100% Whey Protein

Superior to other whey protein supplements, this formula will help body with the clean, pure and high quality protein you need to fuel muscles and contains amino acids that body needs every day. Enhancer 100% whey protein is pure, free from harmful substances and contains highest quality formulation. Our company has created superior whey protein formula that can deliver rapid muscle fuel results and comes with delicious and mouth watering taste.

Directions For Use

Enhancer 100% whey protein is easy to use means you need to just one scoop of whey protein to a glass filled with approx 200 ml of water, low fat milk or any of your beverages. Then mix it up with a spoon and stir for about 30 seconds


Whey protein is complete protein and provides full range of essential amino acids and digests rapidly. Many athletes make whey protein their first choice after work out recovery.


  • Fast-acting Whey Protein is the leading Protein source
  • Higher protein percentage (24 g of protein, 48% Whey protein by weight)
  • Includes Ultra-Filtered Whey for less cholesterol, fat & sodium
  • Contains Digestive Enzymes For Faster Absorption
  • Instantized to Mix Easily Using a Glass and Spoon